Parents Continue to Hope for Lost Son

Legg family believes Doug is alive and with someone

The parents of Douglas Legg still believe he is alive and may be with someone. Flyers describing the 8 year old youngster and asking anyone who has any knowledge of where he might be to call his parents are being distributed by Mr. and Mrs. William Legg of 7001 River Road, Baldwinsville throughout the Adirondacks area where the boy disappeared July 10.

Mrs. Legg said yesterday that the flyers are – light posters – have produced no results so far. She said she and her husband “personally” took some of the flyers to various locations in the rugged mountain area near Newcomb. Others have been mailed out. “And we’re mailing out more.” she said.

Douglas, 8, was last seen on July 10 when a brother and a cousin spotted him on a ridge about 200 yards from the main lodge on Melvin estate. The boy’s disappearance triggered a massive search.

For 3 weeks, thousands of persons tramped through dense woods, swamps, and steep hills in the 13,000 acre Melvin estate in a vain effort to find the boy. Searchers employed air-craft mounted infrared cameras, dog teams and even a clairvoyant in hopes of finding some trace of Douglas. None of the devices turned up any solid evidence of what happened to Douglas.

The Melvin family paid airfare from California for members of several crack mountain rescue teams who eventually described the terrain around Newcomb as some of the toughest they’d ever searched. A Special Forces Unit from Massachusetts participated in the search as did hundreds of military reservists, airmen, police, forest rangers and other experienced woodsmen.

No sign of the boy was ever found and the search was called off August 1. The flyers include a front and profile picture of Douglas, a description of the clothing the youngster wore when he was last seen, and an appeal to anyone who knows of his whereabouts to call his parents collect at their Baldwinsville home.

One bundle of posters was mailed to Supervisor, Patrick Quinn of the Town of Newcomb, along with a letter asking Quinn to distribute them at gasoline service stations, stores, campsites and other locations in the area. In the letter to Quinn, the boy’s father told the official, “My wife and I believe our son is alive and with someone.”

Mrs. Legg yesterday refused to discuss the flyers than to confirm they are being distributed and how – and that the family has not heard from anyone about the poster appeal.

Newcomb town supervisor Liblern Yandon, who had been a leader in the search said he had not seen any of the posters in Newcomb, but that he understood they had been distributed in surrounding areas.

“I think it’s a good idea,” he remarked. “Maybe, they (The Legg Family) want to exhaust all possibilities. I suppose when there’s any hope at all you try everything.” Yandon believes that Newcomb may have been left off the distribution list because the people there are already familiar with the boy’s physical appearance.

Source: Syracuse Herald American, September 12, 1971


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